Want your current resume reviewed by a professional?

$ 180 Entry Level
  • Know your resume could be improved but don’t have the funds to pay for a full service? Not sure how your resume stacks up? Is it in an accepted format and suitable for applicant tracking systems? Wondering if your resume is acceptable for the Australian employment market? Get no calls from your resume and think it might need improving? All great questions and yes, asking a Professional Resume Writer for their feedback is a great move. The problem with appraisals however, is they take time. If you want a professional to sit down and read your resume, word for word, assess its effectiveness, check the formatting, the keywords etc they need to dedicate time to the process. Free appraisals are offered by many resume services and some are good, but the problem with anything ‘free’ is that fee-paying work will always comes first and you often end up with a critique that is quite general in nature and gives you little to work from. Our paid Resume Appraisal Service is different. We take a good, long look at your resume and make specific recommendations to improve the format, presentation, content, spelling and grammar. Together with this, we provide examples of how to rework sections of your resume, these are written specifically for you, not a standard response where we fill in the blanks. You will have the information you need to go away and improve your document without the cost of a full resume writing service.



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