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blogged recently about six reasons to update your resume: that prompted a number of questions about ‘when’ you should update your document. Here’s our list of situations that would be a good reason to update your resume.

You’ve landed a new job or been promoted into a new role.

Now is the time to review and update your resume. Go back to the position you left and make sure you’ve noted all your accomplishments and results. Include information on your current role with some notes on the objective of the role – what have you been hired to do, what do you hope to achieve in the first year, etc. This will obviously change as you spend more time in the role, but get it in the resume to start with – it’s a good base to work from.

You’ve gained a new qualification or certificate.

If you have recently completed a training course, attended a workshop or even gained a new licence, you need to include this information in your resume.

It’s been more than a year since your last update.

You won’t recall vital information to include in your resume if you leave it too long between updates. If you fall into this category, take time now to record the information.

You’ve been headhunted.

If you’ve been approached through LinkedIn or contacted directly by a recruiter, you will want to have a resume ready to go, rather than having to spend a week or more pulling it into shape.

You’ve changed your contact details.

Perfect opportunity to alter your contact details – and take a look at the rest of the document, noting additional skills, results and achievements since you last looked at the document.

You feel like a change but don’t know what.

The process of updating your resume will help you determine your value and bring focus to your job search.

You’ve completed a performance review.

Straight after a performance review is the perfect time to take a look at your resume and note comments, results, etc. Many people receive great feedback in these reviews, but fail to include it in their resume so that, when the time comes to update the information, they can’t remember what was said.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

Please take the time to update your resume now so you won’t be caught off guard.


© Michelle Lopez, Owner/Career Consultant | One2One Resumes


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