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Q: I am looking for work in the government sector and for every position I have had to answer selection criteria questions. These take ages to do so I just make a few minor changes and use the same one pretty much each time. I got an interview off the first one but haven’t received an interview for any of the other ones. Am I doing something wrong? 


A: Selection criteria aren’t easy to write and yes, they take a great deal of time to write. The documents you supplied with your question show me that you’ve used the same examples, but the criteria are actually quite different and you are missing the mark. You need to stop duplicating and start writing individual responses. There will be sentences and sections that you can use from previous responses, but you need to put more effort into tailoring the response to the question, so that you answer more appropriately.

I don’t blame you for looking for short cuts, but at the moment you’re doing yourself a disservice by copying and pasting from previous applications.


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