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Q: The company I work for isn’t doing well. I survived a round of redundancies 18 months ago and, perhaps foolishly, I felt secure after that. Now I am not so sure with the same vibe in the air as before. I will tell you the truth, I can’t be bothered with the whole job search thing. Call me lazy, but I hate it and don’t want to do it unless I have been made redundant. My dilemma is money. I haven’t been here long enough that I’d get a great payout and with mounting household debt, I can’t afford to be without a job. What would you do?  


A: If you can’t afford to be out of work then you can’t afford not to start job hunting. If you are comfortable enough you can raise your concerns with your employer, but even if they tell you it is secure for now, that can change in an instant.

You asked what I would do? Whether I loved or loathed job hunting, I would start because to do anything else would make me feel like a sitting duck. I’d be proactive and try to take charge of the things I can control. You can’t make your employment stable, you can’t make your company more financially viable, but you can look after yourself and at least prepare for the worst.

My advice? Get your resume ready and work on your LinkedIn profile. Even if you don’t apply for anything yet, at least having those two things ready to go will help if the worst happens.



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