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Q: I received a call from a company who advertised a role I am super excited about. The call concluded with an interview invitation; however the employer mentioned a requirement to travel interstate as part of the role. He didn’t ask if it was a problem or anything — it was more a comment — but now I don’t know what to do. I have a daughter who is in primary school and, as a solo parent due to an abusive relationship, I have no support from her father or his family, only mine but they live in the country. I can travel and would be happy to, but it would have to be during school holidays when my parents can look after my daughter in the country. Is this a negative? Should I call back and tell him?

A: I understand where you are coming from but it is early days so I wouldn’t mention anything until it is raised at interview.

When it is mentioned put a positive spin on it. For instance, instead of saying ‘my problem is that I can only travel in school holidays because I am a solo parent with no support’, lead with a positive statement like ‘yes, I’d be happy to travel for work, with notice so that I can make arrangements for my daughter during that time’. See the difference?

Wait until the interview and see what happens. It may be easier to coordinate than you think, but for now focus on selling yourself.


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